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Quisk 3.6.22

FreeDV is the combination of the codec2 codec and the fdmdv modem.  It provides digital voice in 1200 Hz bandwidth suitable for HF transmission.  You can use FreeDV by downloading the FreeDv program from freedv.org, and connecting it to Quisk using the usual digital mode DGT-U.  But now there is a simpler way.  Quisk has a new mode button FDV.  Just push the FDV mode and talk.  See http://www.rowetel.com/blog/?page_id=452.

Quisk will add the FDV mode button unless your config file contains the line
    add_freedv_button = 0
If there is a problem with the freedv module, the button will be grayed out.  See README.txt in the freedvpkg subdirectory for more information.  The "Split" button currently fails with FDV.

With the mouse in the frequency display, roll the mouse wheel to change the digit.

The new config option hamlib_ip specifies the Hamlib IP address; default "localhost".

The IMD button now has a right-click level control like the Spot button.  This is more convenient than having a few fixed levels.

The Spot button can now transmit a carrier at zero amplitude.  This is useful for testing the output noise.  If you wrote your own OnSpot() method, level -1 is now Spot button off, and the level is now 0 to 1000.