Quisk Version 4.1.32 January 2019

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Quisk Version 4.1.32 January 2019

I corrected some button colors and colors on the config screens. The green Rx line is now centered in the filter for Split mode.

Quisk used to leave some headroom in the 16-bit samples it sends to the hardware. The maximum level used to be about 70%. I changed the maximum level to 100%. So the PEP output for all modes will be the same level as 100% Spot output. But remember that the PEP level is 100%, not the average level. An average reading power meter will show a level much below PEP for SSB and digital modes.

There is a new tuning method available. If the Shift key is held down when you left-click the graph, the Rx filter is centered at that frequency. Normally the Tx frequency is set at the frequency. This is useful when using narrow digital filters. It can also be used for SSB.