Quisk Windows Installer (MSI) Fails - Python 2.7 Not Found

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Quisk Windows Installer (MSI) Fails - Python 2.7 Not Found

Some users have reported that attempting to install Quisk on Windows using the MSI installer fails with the message "Quisk requires Python 2.7 - Not found" even though Python 2.7 is installed.

This happens because Quisk is looking in the Windows registry for the Install Directory of Python.  This registry value is created by the official Python Windows installer provided by python.org.  If you install Python using this official method, the registry value is created, and everything works.  If you install Python some other way, such as from source code, the registry value is missing, and the Quisk installer fails.  Quisk needs the Install Directory because it installs itself in the site-packages directory.  This is the official location for Python packages that are used by other packages.

To fix this you can download the Quisk source package, uncompress it, and extract it to some sub-directory of your own.  Even though the source package is for Linux, it includes all the Windows files, and you can run Quisk on windows with a command like "C:/python2.7/pythonw.exe quisk.py".

Or you could create the registry entry yourself.  It is
Root='HKLM' Key='Software\Python\PythonCore\2.7\InstallPath'

Or you could run the python.org Python installer.